New Group Fitness Classes

Train in small groups to get maximal results

We have new group fitness classes offered at Qi Health and Fitness. 

Here is the run down of the four specific classes offered per week at Qi Health and Fitness.


1800-1845 hrs: Anaerobic Threshold Training (A.T.T)


Push your physical conditioning to your threshold with this high intensity class designed to elicit the same intensity required with various intermittent sports. This class contains a variety of exercises which will get you fit fast! You will push yourself to new levels in an encouraging environment focused upon student development. Your individual progress will be recorded and analysed so you can guarantee results. We cater to all fitness levels in this class and love to see people reach their personal goals!

1845-1930 hrs: Boxing Technique (R.T)


This class focuses on specific fitness skills required for Boxing. Reaction time, coordination and muscle memory are the focus of Boxing RT. In this class we focus upon sport specific drills, refining skills and building on your own personal skills. This class focuses upon partner work and also utilises several training tools. The aim is to improve consistent performance. 


1800-1845 hrs: Boxing Technique (T.P.M)


This class focuses on specific fitness skills required for Boxing. Timing, precision and multiple phases are the focus of Boxing TPM. Switch your game up, learn new skills and tactics. This class consists of sport specific drills with the focus on developing the individual characteristics of each student. Refine core skills and develop your own, individual style.

1845-1930 hrs: Muscular Endurance (M.E) 


Add some resistance to your training! This class will help you develop sustained power and speed required within intermittent sport. Expect no work out the same, but expect every work out to target the key muscle groups required for sustained physical performance. A wide variety of exercises are used which build muscle mass and decrease body fat. This is a great class for anyone wanting to build physical endurance and improve overall health. Take the next step to improving your physical health!

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