Group Training


Achieve your fitness goals through personal training and small group fitness class.

We  have options suitable for anyone, regardless of fitness level and ability.

Welcome to Qi Health and Fitness

Qi Health and Fitness is located in Tauranga. We provide a range of health and fitness services catering for all levels of ability. All training is undertaken outdoors with our energetic and enthusiastic qualified coaches. 

Our professional, friendly and welcoming health and fitness environment is suitable no matter what your your goals and fitness level may be. Our team takes away the 'intimidating' effect of training in a gym and replaces it with a sense of comfort and focus.

Our Process

Qi Health and Fitness's three stage process aims to attain a through understanding of the clients needs, wants and current fitness level.


This information allows for effective programming based on individual preference.

When you join Qi Health and Fitness - Tauranga, you are entitled to a free pre-screening and baseline assessment. The pre-screening assessment is our 'starting point' where we determine what your needs and wants are and explain how we can help you achieve them. The baseline measurements are a collection of basic fitness tests with provide us with a 'baseline' indication of your current level of fitness. This helps significantly when preparing a tailored exercise program and in addition tracks your progress.  

If you are looking to improve your health and wellness, join Qi Health and Fitness today. Our personal approach focuses on achieving results in personal training and small group sessions.


Our coaches are highly qualified and experienced and eager to get you fit fast!

Our difference

  • Flexible to your Goals

  • Private gym

  • Qualified & experienced coaches

  • Plenty of resistance equipment

  • Open floor space

What are your goals?

  • Get fit

  • Lose weight

  • Improve overall health

  • Tone up / Increase Muscle Mass

  • Learn Boxing

  • Learn Martial Arts or Qi Flow

Talk to us about your goals today, we look forward to helping you achieve them. 

What's new?

Personal Training Promotion

September, 2018

For a limited time only, Qi Health and Fitness is running this personal training promotion.

You get two 1hr personal training sessions per week for just $50.00 (Typically $60.00 per session). 

Personal Training

June, 2018

If you are looking for a personalised training program ran in a private facility then we can cater for your unique needs.


Our private facility has all the equipment required to get a great work out in. 

New Group Fitness Classes

June, 2018

Four group fitness classes are offered at Qi Health and Fitness;ATT, Boxing RT, Boxing TPM and Muscular Endurance. All classes provide a great workout with technical advice. 

Contact us today to reserve your place.